Just like what is written on the company homepage in 2020 “Design is like the waves of the sea, constantly tumbling and advancing with the times”, I started to contact web design when I worked in Singapore in 2000 AD, and set up my own design company in 2004. It has been almost 20 years since then. The Internet has also progressed from the earliest dial-up Internet access (remember the sound of the connection network) to the current 5G era. Web design has undergone many changes over the years, especially Adobe Flash, which dominated the martial arts world, has been completely kicked out of the game. If we can’t keep up with the times, we should have changed careers a long time ago… Although software technology is constantly changing and the platforms used are constantly being updated, the only thing that remains the same is that aesthetic design is always so important. We have always held the belief that “aesthetics and practicality go hand in hand”, and software and technology are just tools for us to construct “aesthetics and practicality”. Over the years, idesign’s website has always been a place for me to practice, and when new trends emerge, I will update the website after studying and researching. Web design is really like an ocean wave, one wave after another…

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idesign 2021 01
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Next, take a trip down memory lane to look back over the years at the design of the idesign website…

This is the 2004 version which presents the four options Design, Web, Movie and Media in a Flash animation style. The options zoom in as you move closer to them and zoom out as you move away from them, which was popular back then as an ‘interactive’ style.

idesign 14

The Portfolio is presented on an Apple laptop. From the beginning of my design studies until now, Apple computers have been my only choice.

idesign 12

A second edition was launched in 2008, with the home page presenting the design work in a timeline format over time.

idesign 11

The 2009 edition continues the design style of ’08 but with enhanced left and right sides, more interactive presentation, and blog writing became a very important task that year.

idesign 10

The 2010 version included social media such as facebook and Plurk and was also produced in two different languages, English and Chinese.

idesign 08

The homepage was revamped in 2011 with a large, eye-catching slideshow of the company’s work, which also served as free advertising for the client. The slideshow will still be popular in 2021.

idesign 07

My eldest daughter is a free model for the company and her photos are often used for advertisements during the New Year holidays.

idesign 06

The second child was born in 2013, a period when the two sisters are mostly pictured together.

idesign 03

A major revamp in 2016, responsive web design allows the web to be adapted to different devices, and the popularity of tablets and phones such as iPads and iPhones has led to a more flexible and systematic approach to web design. 2016’s homepage features waves echoing the earliest form of web browsing, “surf the web”. The theme of waves has been used on the idesign homepage ever since.

idesign 04

With the advent of 2017, we are once again challenged to revise the version, and the presentation of the movie homepage will bring you a different feeling. E-commerce and online advertising will be the future trend, and the era of self-media is opened, providing quality information is the king of this era, we also try to share our design experience and printing knowledge in the form of Blog, hoping to create a better future together.

idesign2018 04
idesign2018 03
idesign2018 01

After 2019, we started to use “WordPress” to design web pages. The advantage of CMS (content management system) system is that you can make real-time changes on the web page at any time, somewhat similar to online shopping so that the system can be updated at any time. Of course, there are also the disadvantages of plug-in conflicts and system conflicts, but this is already the future trend, we can only learn to adapt to it, not to be washed away by this wave of the huge wave. What will the future of web design become? No one knows, I only know that idesign will definitely keep trying to wave by wave.

Website Link:www.idesign.my

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