Buatan Malaysia is a local website that mainly promotes products made in Malaysia. It also supports the government’s slogan “Sokonglah Jenama Malaysia”. The mission of the website is “Establishes as a Malaysian Product Expanding into International Market”. In conjunction with the creation of the website, the “MH Directory” product catalogue was also launched to promote the product both online and offline. The “MH Directory” is more than 500 pages thick and features a wide range of products including tools, lights, locks, security products, paints, plumbing, bathroom products, and more. Participating merchants include Mr.mark, Smart Paint, Aco, Armor, Sum, Nippon Paint, 3M, Worker, etc.

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The Buatan Malaysia homepage features a large and eye-catching Malaysian flag, followed by a list of all the products available to the user at a glance. Clicking on the product link will take you directly to the product you are looking for. There is also a contact us link at the bottom to contact the merchant with your inquiry. Finally, the logo of all participating merchants is listed.

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Buatan Malaysia’s About Us page explains the origin and purpose of the website. It also provides a way to purchase products using Wechat.

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The Buatan Malaysia product page lists a total of 16 major product items, and clicking through takes you to each product sub-page. The icons are displayed in a clean, clean and easy to read manner.

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The Buatan Malaysia product sub-pages clearly list the appearance of each product and the company logo. Click on the links to see the product descriptions and specifications.

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Buatan Malaysia product pages clearly list the product descriptions and specifications. By using e-commerce format, the website is equipped with all the functions of e-commerce.

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The Buatan Malaysia Contact Us page has an Inquiry Form for users to contact the merchant, and a Google Map for users to go directly to the merchant’s factory location.

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