Major Harvest Sdn. Bhd. located at Ulu Tiram, Johor. Having over 30 years experience in supplying hardware, we possessed reliable supply sources, mature exporting experience and most of all, competitive prices with absolute quality. 

Recently, Major Harvest has just launched the MH Directory, having more than 20,000 SKUs and more than 4,000 products in 16 categories which include Personal Protective Equipment, Packaging Equipment, Hand Tools, Power Tools and so much more. This directory serves the purpose as the supply guideline for the related business in every industry.

The MH Directory Industrial Supply Buyer’s Guide is over 500 pages long and features a wide variety of products including tools, lights, locks, security supplies, paints, plumbing, bathroom supplies and more. Mark, Smart Paint, Aco, Armor, Sum, Nippon Paint, 3M, Worker, etc.

• MH Directory Industrial Supply Sourcing Guide supports the “Sokonglah Jenama Malaysia” slogan promoted by the government.
• The MH Directory Industrial Supply Sourcing Guide’s mission is “Establishes as a Malaysian Product Expanding into International Market”.

Catalog Design

The cover of the MH Directory Industrial Supply Buyer’s Guide is designed with a grid cut design that clearly tells the buyer about all products by category. 16 product groups are clearly identified with product diagrams and small text listing the product items.

Mr.mark Tools 产品型录设计

Inner Design 01

Different colors are used to distinguish different product types. The brief icon design makes it easy for users to remember and distinguish.

Mr.mark Tools 产品型录设计

Inner Design 02

The catalog is interspersed with full-page product posters highlighting the products that need to be highlighted. There is a clear color categorization at the top and right side, along with Arabic numbers 1-16 to categorize the products.

Mr.mark Tools 产品型录设计

Inner Design 03

Each page is basically a place for six products, in addition to the product number name, there will be a product diagram and product description. There will even be a product size chart to help readers understand the product more easily. In addition, the Item Code and Order Code of the product will be listed.

Mr.mark Tools 产品型录设计

Inner Design 04

You can find the product item you need by the color of the sidebar when looking through the catalog. It is both beautiful and practical.

mh directory 05

Inner Design 05

When it comes to more complex product introductions, the page design will be changed accordingly, from six products to four, or even one page to introduce just one product.

mh directory 06

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