idesign has been working on the MR.MARK TOOLS website since 2006 and has gone through three different versions. From the earliest version with Adobe Flash animation to the second generation with jQuery slideshow and CSS, and the third version with responsive web design to optimize the experience of using different mobile devices. In addition, the third version has added an e-commerce-based product catalog design to make product display and search more convenient and efficient.

The third version of the home page is three beautiful rotation of large images, will automatically rotate also can press the orange arrows on both sides to watch the next picture.


The color scheme uses black at the top of the page, with white font and orange to emphasize the options.

The second version is also designed with black as the main color and the buttons are designed with gradual three-dimensional layers. Again there are four rotating main images to bring out important information, in addition to the main product links placed right at the bottom of the homepage, making it easy for viewers to quickly find the product they are looking for.

mk 03
mk2011 03
mk2011 04
mk2011 05

The first version was produced in 2006 with Adobe Flash animation, and the homepage featured a model wearing a Mr. Mark worker’s uniform to bring out the importance of safety.

mk2006 03
mk2006 04
mk2006 01
mk2006 02

The first edition has a blazing fire at the top of the page, symbolizing the brand’s experience of a thousand refinements.

images 2

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